Paleo Challenge Wrap Up

June 22, 2013

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CFD Individual Paleo Challenge Wrap Up

This Paleo Challenge had the closest finish in Paleo Challenge history!  1st and 2nd place were separated by a mere 2 tenths of a point.  Winners were decided by a ranking system including Paleo points, % of Body weight lost, body fat % lost, and WOD (Fran) Improvement.

1st Place

   Justin “Z” Zexter

Z finished the paleo challenge 1st overall in the closest victory in the history of Paleo Challenges over runner up Marc Hayes.  Z finished 1st in percentage of body fat lost, 2nd in total pounds lost (20 lbs), 2nd in percentage of body weight lost, and 2nd in his improvement of Fran, decreasing his time by 2:56.  Z committed to the Paleo diet, staying on the wagon and his results show!

2nd Place

  Marc Hayes

Hayes finished 1st in percentage of body fat lost and 1st in percentage of body weight lost, losing 9.3% of his body weight, 29 lbs!  He improved his Fran time by 1:57 and although not used as a bench mark, increased his pull ups from using a blue band to 21 unassisted unbroken pull ups.


3rd Place

Sasha Cabral

Sasha’s before and after pictures speak for themselves!  Sasha lost 13.5 lbs in the month, 9.2% of her body weight.  She finished 3rd in paleo points and improved her Fran time by over 2 minutes.  She now bangs out Rx pull ups foooo days!

Honorable Mentions

Lisa C. – Finished only 4 tenths of a point (that’s 0.4) behind Sasha putting her in a solid 4th place overall, 2nd place female.  Lisa lost 10.5 lbs, 5.7% of her body weight, lost 5.5% body fat and lost over 5 inches!

Steph Whalen – Finished 1st in Paleo points for the second straight Paleo Challenge.

Jenny “No Bands” – Finished 1st in Wod improvement, improving her Fran time by 4:40….HOLY SH*T!

Nikki Whalen – Lost over 5 inches and 4.1% body fat, finished 2nd in Paleo points and improved her Fran time by nearly 2 minutes.

Tommy B. – Tommy went from completed Fran with a red band in 11 minutes to dominating that crazy lady in 11:35 with no bands!  He lost 4.5 inches and 5.5 lbs, 4% of his body weight.

Only hard work, dedication and consistency can make results like this happen.  The people that have bought in have seen the results.   We are proud of everyone that participated and congratulations on your success.  Keep up the great work. 



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