CFB PALEO POINTS spreadsheet

January 17, 2016

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Okay Challenge Contestants. This is your online PALEO points journal. You are required to enter your own points each and every day. At the end of each week, you will also enter how many pounds you have lost or gained. You do not have to put the actual weight but just -2lbs for example. Each week after that you will enter your total weight loss in the designated area.

Remember this is 100% honor system and it is up to you to hold yourself accountable. We suggest having a written journal of your daily food that you eat or use the myfitnesspal app to log food. This way you will know what your PALEO points score is everyday.

Paleo Points

Each day you will start with 5 Paleo Points

You will lose points if you make mistakes:
1 point = small cheat (slice cheese, milk in coffee)

2 points = each and any every alcoholic drink

3 points = small cheat meal (rice, mashed potatoes, pizza, pasta)

5 points = Nothing Paleo about my day

You may add BONUS points if you do these things:
1 point = WOD at our BOX

1 point = drink half your body weight in ounces of water

1 point = Sleep 8 hrs in one night

Your max score for the day is 8 points.
You may add the 3 Bonus points even if your Paleo points equals O for the day

so you may have a bad Paleo Day but Sleep 8hrs, drink your water and WOD to recieve 3 points



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