Paleo PotLuck at CFB

September 03, 2012

Let’s Kick off the Lurong Paleo Challenge with a paleo potluck dinner. This will be a great day to meet all our new members and learn tons of new recipes. Eating Paleo can be challenging at first but if you listen to our veterans and be creative with your fruits and vegetables then Paleo is AH-mazing!!!

Saturday September 15th
@ 2pm

CrossFit Bridgewater

You must bring a Paleo Dish and print or post the recipe. Let’s be creative here! Think outside the box and use a new Paleo recipe. Paleo dessert is also OK if it is 100% Paleo. Bring something a little more than just meat but there will be a grill If you have an exciting marinade or new recipe to fire up. I’ll also get some warming trays to keep everything tasty.

Let’s Post a comment of what we are all bringing to this post.

BYOB and bring a mandatory DD!!!

Baggo Tourney and other Shenanigans will be going on!!!

Paleo Websites:
And there are many others just “Google It”

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  1. Tricia Reply

    I will bring my Avocado&Kale Salad. Another great website is, I have found some good things there.

    • Ram Reply

      Day 12Breakfast: 7:002 Strips Turkey Bacon2 Eggs + 2 Egg Whites1 tsp. Coconut OilWOD: 9:00 at home on my own kids were home sick today. I push myself headrr at the gym and it’s not as much fun at home by myself!Snack: 10:002 Pumpkin MuffinsCoconut WaterLunch: 1:00Turkey Chili w/Sliced AvocadoSnack: 4:00Plantain ChipsCoconut WaterDinner:SaladAcorn Squash w/Coconut Butter and CinnamonTurkey Burger w/ Lettuce Wrap, Tomato, Red OnionSnack:Apple2 Tbsp. Almond Butter

  2. big sexy Reply

    Cant be there unfortunately i have am event, maybe i can give my secret sexy bites or guac egg recipe to someone to make

  3. Wade Reply

    Chicken Enchilada Stew mmmmmmmm

  4. JesC Reply

    I’ll be sure to bring my famous Caveman’s (shepard’s) Pie <3

  5. CC Engine Reply

    I’ll be sure to eat your Caveman Pie. Lol. Maybe gonna do my Primitive Fruit Salad w Nuts again.

  6. BACON Reply

    not sure ill b able to make it. ella has a fasin show she is in at one pm in braintree mall.

  7. Jeff Caylor Reply

    I’m comin’… I’m trying a few recipes this week and i’ll pick one. Looking forward to the challenge!

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