PRE Cinco de Mayo Raffle

May 03, 2012

100 % of $$$ will go to Page & Elaine !

For those of you who have issues prioritizing and will not be able to join us for the party this Saturday, but would still like to support Page & Elaine ;). LOL. 🙂 Here is a list of some raffle items that you can buy tickets for now and we will enter them for you before the drawing. The tickets are 10 for $20. Please place your order under comments and indicate how many tickets for which prizes (they are numbered)  you would like and if you will be paying by cash or you want us to charge your account.

PRE Cinco de Mayo Raffle Items:

1) 3 Red Sox Tix

May 29th vs Tigers

$84 Value

 2) 18 Yards of Screened Loam (mulch) + Delivery

$180 Value

 3) Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental + Cleaning Solution

$95.99 Value

 4) PAINTBALL: Free Admission for 11 People

P&L Paintball, Bridgewater.

New England’s Largest Paintball Facility !!!

$300 Value

 5) Polished Image Gift Certificate

Hair & Nail Salon, Bridgewater

$25 Value ( 2 Winners)

 6) Barrett’s Alehouse Gift Certificate

$25 Value

 7) Booze Basket

Tequila, Vodka, 2 btls of Wine, snacks, Sex on the Beach and MUCH MORE !!!

$ 85 Value

 8. Delux Car Detail

$150 Value


Have someone else do your spring cleaning for you!

3 hours of cleaning.

$75 Value

 10) 1 Hour Massage by Amy Silva

$50 Value



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  1. Norm Reply

    I’ll take 10 tix for number 2
    10 for number 3
    10 for number 10

    Lookin forward to Sat! Hoping the homemade paleo bbq sirloin tips I have marinating come out as good as I hope.. first time I’ve deviated from Sweet Baby Rays in a very long time 🙂

    I’ll bring the cash with me to the 5:30 class this evening..

  2. Elaine Reply

    Also, there will be Polito Protien Bars up for grabs also…..

  3. Chrissy Boucher Reply

    I would like 5 tickets on #8 and 5 tickets on #9. Please charge $20 to my account. Would love to have someone else clean for a change!
    Thanks 😉

  4. Jeff Caylor Reply

    I’ll get some tickets 8:30am Saturday after my long run. I can’t make it for 1PM, but I’ll try to make it later in the day.

  5. DeeDee McDonald Reply

    could you please charge my account? Please put 3 tickets to #1, 3 tickets to #2, 2 tickets to #7 and 2 tickets to #10. Thanks!!

  6. JohnF Reply

    Please put 20 tix on #10 (Amy is the best!), and 10 on #2. Will pay cash at end of next week if that works for you.

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