SATURDAY Class SCHEDULE and Throwdown Info

February 08, 2017

What’s a Throwdown and Why you should be doing it?

Well, we all get worked up about doing competitions and competing and all that nonsense, and usually for no apparent reason. Just the word competition makes us nervous and it shouldn’t. It’s what we do everyday at our home box during our daily WOD. We compete with ourselves and we just come in and throw down with our fellow classmates and fellow crossfitters.

The term “THROWDOWN” was coined as a casual and fun chance for you to come out and meet other athletes from other boxes that are training hard each and every day just like you and come together to bring some more excitement and energy to your daily training routine.

This saturday’s THROWDOWN is just that, a fun way to come out and meet everyone from our sister locations!!! Please come and join us and sign up your team for the two workouts and help support your community.

I think it’s going to be a great way to see that throwing down at another box isn’t much different than throwing down at your own box. We are all in this crazy CrossFit world together and we want to spread the love as much as possible!!!

If you havent signed up yet please follow this link :

Saturday classes are all cancelled due to the event
please join us there for your WOD

Doors Open at 7am
Athlete Briefing and WOD Demo at 7:40
1st Heat at 8am
Heast will be posted by Friday
Prizes for Podium Finishers

CF East Providence is located at
10 Almeida Avenue East Providence
You may park anywhere on Almeida Avenue
Please park on the correct side of the road and not in front of any other business driveways or lots



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