Sunday Schedule During the OPENs @ CFB

March 01, 2014

Want to ReTest the OPENs WOD?

We Will be Open from 9-11am for Open Gym on Sundays during the OPENs for anyone that wants to ReTest the WOD. Its a great environment with lots of energy. The doors will Open at 9am and the first heats will go off at about 9:30. All athletes from CFD and CFB are welcome to come and ReTest on Sundays.

OLY Class will be Postponed for the next 5 weeks. It will start right back up when the OPENs are finished.


Here are some Strategy Tips from the Colorful RUDY NEILSON OUTLAW COACH (please excuse the language):

Outlaw Strategy and Pacing Tips for 14.1-

This is an effort that will punish you BADLY for allowing yourself to go anaerobic too quickly. If you’re an athlete that sees immediate HR spikes on continuous effort pieces – your goal has got to be to stay behind that spike, then work quickly once it hits to maintain fast work/rest intervals. Typically someone who leans more to the anaerobic side will completely fatigue at the 3:00 mark, and will not be able to sustain consistent effort at this point. If this is you, your job is to try to keep HR down by deliberate pacing, and when lactic threshold hits, go to quick work rest intervals to try to maintain.

We have tested a few rounds with some of our athletes today. Some went 160 BPM plus right away, others never got above 165 for 3 rounds. For all of you, I would test one round – then immediately check HR. If you’re one of those quick spikers, you MUST maintain a calm pace. Once pace has diminished, I would suggest quick sets of 5s or 8/7-9/6 on the snatches. This should allow for you to keep moving, yet make the suck more manageable.

-Power Snatches are – give or take – just as fast as Muscle Snatches. Don’t be swayed by the easy Muscle Snatch. I know, it’s light and feels easy, but the grip, back and shoulder fatigue that will set in will grab you by the nuts (or ovaries), and not let go. This is a technique effort, even though I know it doesn’t feel like it. We’ve had multiple people test Muscle vs. Power Snatch, and they all have reported roughly the same time per round, with far less shoulder fatigue. Remember: hips down into a good first pull position, then keep the bar close and let the drive from the legs do the work. This is exactly why we do thousands of reps through the year, with hopefully perfect technique.

Don’t ask me about small, steel plate again. I don’t care if you have small plates, and the rules allow for you to just go past the knees. That shit is dumb. Put bumpers on, and do it like you’ve trained for. Not to mention, tell me how your back feels after 100 or so stiff-legged Snatches.

Should you Power Clean & Push Press ever? This is purely individual. It’s slower, for sure – about 3 seconds per round. However, if your a person who burns quickly with lactic acid, it may be a good switch for a round or two. I don’t know how pretty they will be after your shoulders are as hard as boulders, but it is a personal option.

Should you break early or ever? This is one that is personal, but I will say dogmatically – you must break before you have to break. If the workout forces you to break because of grip, shoulder or back fatigue, you will not recover. For those who spike quickly, I would suggest early breaks – even something like 8/7-9/6 from the start – as long as very little rest is allowed. For those that can sustain efforts longer, I would suggest breaking well before a threshold where it becomes necessary. For everyone this is different, but my general rule would be: as soon as the pace falls off because you’re stalling overhead, or (god forbid) resting in the hang, it’s time to break.

Don’t be a spazz with your jump rope. Seriously. Lay it neatly down after each round, so you don’t have to spend 30 seconds unwrapping it before the next set. If you don’t know this already, punch yourself.




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