The Mr. And Mrs. RX Wedding!

September 20, 2013

Hello CFB/CFD Family,

We are so excited to get married next week in Cancun,Mexico. Our official wedding date is September 27th. Please pray for good weather for us and keep those tropical storms away.

No matter what the weather is, nothing can get in the way of me Marrying My Best Friend!!

It all started at CFNE, she is still chasing me!!

We play well together and she dresses up nice!!!

She said “Yes”…Our engagement in Jamaica!!!

While we are away we want you all to know that Coach Page will be available if you need anything at CFB and Justin Coelho is also available for CFB members and as usual our CFD members. Their contact information will be left within the gym for those of you that need to get in touch with either of them. Coach Blake and Coach Kyle will also be available and will be very helpful in covering all the classes while we are away.

The upcoming weeks Programming will all be posted ahead of time. You will see the next two weeks posted online by the end of this weekend. The next few weeks are packed with “Girls” and Leaderboad WODs and I think you will all enjoy it very much.

Competitors WODs will also be posted and the focus is still accessory Olympic strength. In a few weeks when we return we will start the Hatch Squat Cylce!!!

—Upcoming EVENTS
* Lurong Paleo Challenge is ON!!!
* September 27th Mr and Mrs RX wedding!!!
* October 27th Dr. Rockett Injury Prevention Seminar



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