What to do for a Competition Prep Week? Part 1

November 02, 2018

I get a lot of questions about how to prepare for competitions. These are the most common and I will answer them as simply as possible, remember every athlete is different and a lot of competing and training is trial and error and you need to find out what works best for your body but these will be some guidelines for you to get started with:

What do I do for training the week of?

What do I do for food the night of?

What do I do for food the day of?

What do I do for supplementation the day of?

What do I do in between WODs?


The week of training can be laid out like this if you are competing on a Saturday you will train four days leading up to the event and  you will decrease volume but not intensity at the beginning of the week.

MONDAY – Squat Heavy 5x3reps  and train a 7-10 Minute Amrap. Use movements or actual wods from the upcoming competition. The reason we squat heavy here is to give us the neuroendrocrine response and hormone release we need for the upcoming week.

TUESDAY – Strength can be practicing a complex for the upcoming event but not hitting a max for the day or add some speed OLY work if no strength is coming up in the event. The metcon today should be a couplet and a lung burner like FRAN but not FRAN. Think something like 4 Rounds of 7 Clean and Jerks(135,95) and 10 Pullups – something you can go almost unbroken on.

WEDNESDAY – No Strength and mainly an aerobic focused workout. Time domain 15-20 minutes of 400m run/Box Jumps/KB Swing/Pushups/GHDSU. You can use gymnastics, KB and running in any combo for this wod, keep the reps low enough to stay unbroken and not be too sore. No barbells. This could also be practice if there is a similar style wod in the event.

THURSDAY – Rest Day – We rest on Thursday because rest and sleedontp are just like muscle soreness, its a two day later effect. You know how you crush legs on Monday and the you aren’t fully sore until two days later on Wednesday. Well, recovery and sleep are the same, when you take Thursday off the you are still a little sore from Wednesday but you are fully recovered by Saturday. Keep that in mind when sleeping you should start sleeping 9 hours on wednesday to really recharge and reload your body, just getting 9 hours on Friday night wont help you on Saturday morning as much as getting the 9 hours on thursday. Accumulating all these days of 9 hours of sleep will make you feel like superman on Saturday and that’s a fact!!! Yoga would be a great addition for this day or ROMWOD type exercise.

FRIDAY – We call this the pre-wod or pre-game WOD. Its technically a active recovery type workout and the goal is to loosen up the body so you don’t go into Saturday tight but also open up the lungs just enough to feel fresh and ready. This usually looks like a chipper 200m run – 20 pushups – 20 walking lunges – 20 cal row – 20 KB swings – 20 cal row – 20 OHS(dowel or empty bar) – 20 Burpees – 200m Run. Sometimes I will suggest using an elevation mask for something like this so you breathe hard but don’t have to use as much power and energy. This day should also have at least 30-40 minutes of ROMWOD, Mobility, Rolling, Stretching…whatever you call it or prefer.

SATURDAY – Gameday


I think I will tackle the nutrition side of this in PART 2 next week and I can talk about what do to in between wods to recover faster for your next event.

Look for next weeks email and stay focused.

There are lots of competitions coming up and they are the best way to get in shape for the OPEN. We suggest at least one a month leading up to the OPEN.

We would love to see you all at the MENAGE A WOD on December 8th at CrossFit East Providence. Its a 3 person event with Scaled and RX divisions and teams can be made up of 2 males and 1 female or 2 females and 1 male. The weights and strengths are all scaled appropriately to keep an even playing ground for the mixed gender teams. Last year 2 females and 1 male one the event proving that women of crossfit are just much stronger than the guys 🙂

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