You are what you eat!!! — and you “donut” want to be slow and full!!!

November 12, 2018

So last week I talked a little about the physical preparation for a competition week and today I wanted to spend some time on nutrition and supplementation.


The number one rule in competing is NEVER–EVER do anything different on game day. This goes for everything from knee sleeves to lifters to your diet. Never change it up on gameday, us the same lifters you use everyday in training and use the same knee sleeves you use everyday and obviously eat the same things you normally eat.


The only difference on training day will be that you will be doing multiple wods and may not be used to fueling in between wods. We will get to the inbetween wod options but let’s talk about the week before, night before and day of the comp first. Here is the secret DON’T DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT!!! There is no need to carb load there is no reason to eat rice and pasta if you normally eat paleo and there is no need to eat a huge starchy carb breakfast before the wod if you normally eat a few eggs and a banana before you train. Here are a few little tweaks or what I think about when preparing my nutrition for game day.


The week and night before I just make sure I am refueling with carbs post workout like I normally do but I am focusing on being 100% perfect on my diet and my recovery meals but really nothing different just perfect execution. The morning of the competition I do eat a normal breakfast just like I do everyday. I wake up at 5/6am and eat 3 eggs, bacon/sausage and a bowl of fruit or half of sweetpotato. That is my typical and that is what i do on gameday. I do feel like it is important to get a well balanced meal in before the comp because this will be your last meal until the end of the day. I make sure I have this meal at least 2 hrs before my first heat to properly digest everything. Some of you may wake up 3-4 hours before the comp and have your full breakfast and then need a small carbohydrate before you go out for WOD 1 but this should be the same thing you would do during the week if you missed a meal or have to train in between meals. Again, every athlete is different and a lot of this is trial and error. These are just my suggestions.


During the Comp you just need to survive and refuel as little as necessary. There are a ton of variables that can go into this such as how long you have in between wods, is it a huge comp with 10 heats or a small comp with 5 heats, what type of wod is coming up, a strength or a metcon and how long the whole day is going to be can factor into this but I will keep it simple. One rule I use is to fuel the most after a metcon wod when I know that it’s a strength wod next. Knowing that it is just a strength means that your body will have plenty of time to digest into the wod following the strength if that’s how it lines up but also knowing that you don’t need your gut strength too much during the strength. I am not saying eat a whole meal but this is when you can get some starchy carbs in from sweet potatoes and maybe some lean protein from chicken or eggs, I typically stick to shakes for protein but I am a slow digester, others like to have a sandwich or something here but this is something you need to test and something you still normally eat. Every other wod leading into a metcon I try to just eat simple sugars from fruits like grapes, strawberries, bananas, raisins or even watermelon and maybe a half of a protein shake if i need it but replenishing the carbs is most important and simple sugars are the fastest acting and fastest digesting. Honestly, my favorite post wod recovery at competitions is the Fuel for Fire products, and I have no affiliation with this product. I really just use these at every competition now and do not need to worry about much else, i will still snack on fruit when i need it, but FFF is  easily digestible and full of all the recovery carbs you need and the coffee flavor even has a little caffeine to pick you up in the middle of the day. Again, these are just some suggestions for you to try and you all will find what works best for you over time.


Alrighty, that’s all I have for you today. Next time I will tackle some supplements I like and how to use caffeine properly without using too much!!!


Hope to see you all at the MENAGE A WOD DEUCE COMPETITION on December 8th at CrossFit East Providence. Regular registration price is still available but will be increasing soon.




Be your best,

Jay Caldas





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