In today’s world, which is full of a wide variety of sports offers from a wide variety of sports clubs and organizations, it is very important to remain unique and unrepeatable. This is a challenge facing every gym, especially CrossFit clubs. BridgeWater spent quite a lot of time planning and creating its unique offers, assessing the potential customer market, their needs and demand for CrossFit classes. Thus, as of 2022, the BridgeWater club has a very wide CrossFit program of courses available for people of different ages, different needs and financial possibilities. The main thing is desire.

Traditional group and individual training complexes

Where without classics even in sports? A classic in CrossFit is an hour-long grueling circular workout, in which all muscles are involved and the emphasis is on cardio. BridgeWater sports club uses a lot of training equipment, such as cycling tracks, rowing machines, gymnastic mats – and all this with one single goal – to provide a high-quality set of exercises to your body.

Such complexes can be performed in two versions – either at a group general lesson, or at an individual meeting with a trainer. In a group lesson, about 7-8 people usually take part, who perform CrossFit exercises one after another in a circle. As you might guess, groups are formed from approximately the same physique and endurance athletes in order to avoid unwanted injury. As for an individual meeting with a trainer, such pleasure in crossfit would not be cheap, but all the attention of your trainer will be riveted only to you throughout the entire 60 minutes of the complex.

Benefits of personal training with a personal trainer in CrossFit

Needless to say, in most cases, a personal sports lesson is many times better than a group workout. All the attention of your mentor is directed only to you alone and you will fully receive the necessary corrections and some theoretical knowledge in the discipline of crossfit. Moreover, each workout is selected exclusively for you, taking into account your weight, parameters and endurance level. Be calm for high-quality and fast results.

Working with a trainer one on one opens up many more opportunities for the client, and also accelerates the manifestation of the desired result. The CrossFit program would synchronize with your goals and priorities that you set for yourself at the beginning of your sports path. Tailoring exercise to every aspect of your life is a new era in the digital world of sports, where various health monitoring programs are being used more and more often.

Unique 24/7 expert nutrition support

In addition to well-chosen training complexes for each client, BridgeWater Club has also introduced nutritionist consultations into its practice in order to improve the nutrition of athletes-clients of the CrossFit BridgeWater gym. In such consultations, expert nutritionists make it clear to each client their limits in terms of nutrition, tell what you need and can eat, and what you should refuse or at least refrain from eating for a while. Moreover, all experts are opposed to all sorts of diets and intermittent fasting. They prove all this with scientific works and practical examples of their satisfied athletes. All staff are certified and, like the coaching staff, quite often participate in various master classes and advanced training courses to the level of a full professional. You will definitely not be afraid to trust such nutritionists. By combining the right approach to fitness through exercise and a sensible approach to nutrition through the advice of a nutritionist, you will certainly achieve the desired result many times faster than on your own.

Time for decisive action

If you are still in doubt about whether to take the first step towards the world of CrossFit, then it’s time to cast aside all doubts and take action.