CrossFit has never qualified as a boring sport, because all sets of exercises are selected and combined individually for each. There are a huge number of different exercises, so CrossFit workouts are never boring. However, athletes need new and fresh emotions, which means they need new proposals from coaches. Thus, the management of the BridgeWater Club spent a long time carefully analyzing the market for sports services and the demand for them, and came to several conclusions. The main conclusion was that the sports club needs to develop unique offers for its clients so that athletes do not lose interest in CrossFit, but only deepen it more.

Olympic Weight Classes at BridgeWater

In addition to the classic crossfit training, the management of the gym decided to introduce the Olympic Weight Classes. The coaching staff is also certified in this category of sports and is always ready to help clients with any questions they may have. For example, very often athletes have questions about how to choose the right weight category. The trainer recommends that during the first two or three sessions, stress your body less and be very careful in choosing the weight category of exercises. Do not relax in training and do not forget about nutrition – this will be enough for a good start. And most importantly – do not get hung up on the weight that you manage to take, the body does not need any extra stress, both physical and moral. Olympic Weight Classes are available to any client from 14 years of age, so as not to overload the child’s incompletely formed body.

Trainers also recommend not to focus on the shape of the body and the presence of muscles. It’s all a matter of life. The situation is the same as in regular crossfit classes – you could start in any physical form, because it is such training that is aimed at speedy weight loss.

Yoga classes at BridgeWater to improve body and soul

Yoga is another unique offering at BridgeWater CrossFit Gym. The management did not dare to introduce yoga classes for a long time, however, when they launched this program, they were sure that they did it for a reason.

Yoga is a series of different postures that are performed in combination with proper breathing techniques. In this way, yoga helps to maintain not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. First of all, the benefits of yoga is that you can become more flexible and resilient, but at the same time remain full of energy. Yoga itself helps to improve blood pressure and circulation, relieve joint pain and overcome breathing difficulties.

The introduction of yoga classes was simply a resounding success at the BridgeWater Sports Club, there were more applicants than available seats in the group. Today, it is planned to expand the yoga segment in the gym.

The Ultimate CrossFit Training Program for Kids

The BridgeWater Club did not forget about the younger generation either. For a long time and carefully developed the program, which today is called “KID CROSSFIT”. Two groups were formed – from 8 to 11 years old, and from 12 to 16 years old. For each group, sets of exercises have been developed separately, which generally take about 50 minutes of time. “KID CROSSFIT” is a unique technique that was created based on the combination of Japanese, Chinese and American CrossFit ideology for the younger generation.

Each group has a limited number of participants – up to 8-9 people, so as not to scatter the trainer’s attention on many people. From the very first lesson, children are taught the correct theoretical information, as well as practical skills in the art of crossfit. At BridgeWater, you can be calm about your child and look forward to a champion in the future.