The global crossfit community is gaining more and more popularity among people every day. Athletes and future athletes look for comfortable training conditions for themselves by looking at thousands of different gyms and comparing them. Naturally, they have many points that require clarification. The same goes for the BridgeWater Club. Today we would like to present to you the most common questions that the management of the organization receives and provide answers to them.

Who can and should discover CrossFit for themselves?

The most important answer to this question is that everyone might do CrossFit. Whether it is a child, an adult or an old man, CrossFit is suitable for each of them. Why is that? Because all circuit training and exercises are selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of each person, so that everyone might develop and train qualitatively without compromising health. Entering the gym, you can definitely find both an 18-year-old guy and a 65-year-old grandfather, and it’s also worth seeing whose physical form will be better.

Can I use BridgeWater if I’m out of great physical shape?

A fake is spreading all over the world that in order to start doing CrossFit, you need to be in almost perfect physical shape. So, it is rightly said that this is a fake. BridgeWater takes on athletes of all body types and weights. CrossFit is primarily aimed at getting in shape or losing weight. So why do without CrossFit what can be done with it? The club’s trainers will be able to quickly and efficiently select the perfect training plan just for you, so do not worry about the lack of results.

Why choose the BridgeWater Gym?

The most important distinguishing feature of this club is that it has a hospitable and friendly atmosphere, aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. If you want really profitable and high-quality results, then you definitely need to choose this gym. BridgeWater also provides 24/7 online support from the coaching staff, so that the athletes know that they always have like-minded people nearby and those who are ready to help at any moment.

Is CrossFit really a safe sport?

The coaching staff of the BridgeWater Club can 100% guarantee the complete safety of your body during training. Each exercise is selected according to the individual parameters of each client. In addition, in CrossFit, all exercises are very simple and understandable, so it is very difficult to do something with harm to health. The club staff monitors their clients every minute and instructs them to perform all the exercises with high quality and in the right way. You might be sure that you will be completely safe in our gym.

How does CrossFit work?

CrossFit is recognized as one of the most functional sports, since during the exercise all the muscles of the body are involved – arms, legs, back, neck, chest and buttocks. In addition, the creation of a circuit training is implemented in such a way that key sports moments are combined in such an activity, including: flexibility, speed, endurance, strength, coordination and accuracy. Such a high-quality set of physical qualities of a person is provided by a properly selected set of exercises in crossfit.

In the BridgeWater Gym, you might achieve the desired result very quickly by devoting about one hour to training several times a week. Your body and your brain will thank you very much. After all, with the help of CrossFit, you might improve not only your physical shape, but also improve any area of ​​​​your body. It’s time to make a choice in favor of yourself and your health.